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Daily Skincare Routine To Prevent Dark Patches and Circles

by Pokonut India 10 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Medically reviewed by Dr. Neeraj Bansal, BAMS, MD in Ayurveda. A renowned Ayurvedic doctor from India with a speciality in men's and women's health with 15+ years of rich experience. 

Written by our editorial team. 

As your body ages, preserving its natural glow and the softness of skin becomes a daunting challenge. Being exposed to natural elements, stress and manifold other factors, we tend to lose the magnificent aura to dark circles, acne and dark patches. Most people don't take the minimal required care of their skin until it's damaged enough, and then they start applying everything they bump into expecting some miracle to happen overnight. This does nothing but worsen the condition of their skin even more. That is precisely why starting with at least a basic skincare routine around the mid-20s is important. 

We believe that skincare is not a luxury, but a necessity. Common skin concerns like dark circles and dark patches are easily curable if you follow a standard skincare routine every day besides leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are already into a skincare regimen or a newbie, we are here to guide you through creating the best daily skincare routine to prevent skin issues like dark circles and dark patches. 

AM & PM Skincare Regime

Step 1: Cleanser 

Start with a gentle refreshing cleanser to remove dirt and oil from the skin. To prevent dark circles and dark patches, opt for a cleanser that comes with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, or aloe vera. If you have dry, combination or sensitive skin, these ingredients will help to lock the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. 

Step 2: Toner

Once your skin is cleansed properly, now it's time to tone. While herbal toners are game changers, you can also use Natural Stretch Mark Toner from Pokonut’s skincare range if you are dealing with stretch marks.

Natural stretch mark toner

Or, you can use any toner with natural ingredients like rose water or green tea to avoid the risk of skin irritation or reaction. 

Step 3: Moisturiser 

The third step is moisturising your already cleansed and toned face. Generally, a lot of people tend to avoid the first two steps and jump into the third one to save time or some may just use a face wash before applying a moisturiser. Either way, it doesn't serve the purpose. A Cleanser gently unclogs your pores while toner controls sebum production and makes the ideal ground for the moisturiser to work better. Use Pokonut’s Dark Patch Reducer Cream as a moisturiser.

Dark patch reducer cream

It's suitable for all skin types and it's made with barrier-strengthening ingredients to repair your damaged skin barriers. 

Step 4: Under Eye Serum 

To reduce dark circles, it's essential to nourish your under-eye area with an effective under-eye serum. While choosing a serum for under the eyes, always look for natural ingredients like vitamin C. It's great at dealing with dark circles and under eyes puffiness. Apply a drop of serum under each eye and gently dab it through the entire dark circle area. Be mindful while applying, so that it doesn’t enter the eyes. 

Step 5: A Broad Spectrum Sunscreen 

Finally, wear a quality SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. Dark patches or hyperpigmentation are often caused by long-term exposure to harmful UV rays. Not only does it reduce collagen production and damage skin barriers, but also being exposed to the sun may lead to skin cancer. Therefore, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen and applying it in 2-3 hour intervals is crucial. Pokonut’s Herbal Sunscreen offers broad coverage from the sun with SPF 50 and also, it's extremely lightweight.

pokonut spf50 sunscreen cream

This step is only essential for a day skincare routine, you can skip the SPF at night time. 

Summing Up 

Skincare is not magic and the ingredients, no matter how effective they are, are not magic ingredients that can vanish your dark patches and dark circles overnight. All you need to do is stick to the routine and trust the process. You will see the results yourself after following the routine religiously for at least a month. And we can assure you that you will love the outcome. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
acne marks fade hone lage hai

Meri oily aur acne prone skin hai isliye isko roz rat pe massage kr ke lagati hoon aur 2hr rakhne ke baad wash kr deti hoon... thoda bohot difference to dikh rha hai... acne marks fade hone lage hai.

Wish i knew about it sooner

Mere face me acne marks the amd 1 month usage se wo kaafi light ho gaye hai. Maine abne in marks p itne products and time lagaya hai ki i just think. Mujhe iske baare me kisi ne pehle kun nahi bataya.

Ta ni
now my skin glows!

its has significantly reduced dryness and uneven texture, now my skin glows!

10 on 10

Itna achha hai ye i loved everything about it. Mrre dark circles ekdm theek hogaye sirf 15 days use karne se

Padma Kumari
Worth every penny

Best kumkumadi oil in this price range. Saw result in 7 days. It worked great on my skin though I have oily skin.

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